When a movie Screenplay becomes a property in a brothel

Sharing a learning experience which I had learnt while making the film MIDNIGHT BLUES 

The film was completely participatory, from writing the screenplay to the rest of the things of the production

It was at Kalighat brothel Room. 

The youth from Kalighat brothel had arranged a screenplay reading session in January 2020. I was there with my Midnight Blues’ Team and the scratch screenplay ( Technically say SPEC SCREENPLAY). 

It was a winter night. In a small, tiny, moist room, thatched with bamboo and mud, we sat on a torn mat, jostling together. The window-sill was broken high up on the wall and a strong cold wind blew outside.

I ended reading the screenplay. I saw their faces excited. 

Someone from Youth said 

-Dada, we want to rewrite it! The way we know the brothel, we like  to pour them all into the script.

The rest of them agreed immediately.                                                                                    

One week later, it was a clear starry evening again. The stars sparkled outside. We all huddled together in the same room. They took out the screenplay and started reading it gingerly. 

The narration ended, leaving all of us half overwhelmed with sheer happiness and whipping with grim reality. 

I saw my screenplay being de-constructed by the brothel community. They kept the main story intact, but they changed the perception, adding new characters, backdrops and unexplored truth into it. The actors and crew members hadn't known the brothel so intensely and crudely ever. 

On that day, I truly realized what the word DE-CONSTRUCTION means!

A group of marginalized people helped me to sense the theory what I had not understood for years!