About Us

About Us

Founded in 2016, Bindubot Communication, a Kolkata-based house produces, distributes, markets and sells South Asian hybrid cinema and impact documentary films. It is an umbrella, which provides business support to the independent filmmakers and producers working on engaging, true blue contents in South Asia.

We consider cinema and art from a social development point of view, developing a social beneficial role for social inclusion, alleviating the social inequalities and discrimination in different social strata. Cinema is always a change tool, which is instrumental for social change. We focus on developing the change mechanism creatively in terms of Impact production, network outreach, community and theatrical distribution, and in-depth research and study.

Bindubot Communication is a dedicated film house for producing creative, hybrid, and impact films, with a special focus on South Asian social issues and problems. It endorses theatrical distribution in overseas (USA,UK, Australia, and Sweden) too. Apart from the film production and distribution, throughout the year it keeps mentoring and sponsoring the underprivileged communities on which the films are produced.


N-326, B.P Township, Patuli, Kolkata-700094