Midnight Blues

Title Midnight Blues

Directors Name Bipuljit Basu

Producer name Abhijit Dutta ( India)

Co-Producer name Partha Debnath (USA)

Language English and Bengali

Genre Short Hybrid

Duration 26 minutes

Format HD

Aspect Ratio 2:35.1

Sound - 5.1 and Stereo Mix


A French film Maker comes to Kolkata to make a film on brothel children. She does not meet Hiru ever, a brothel Kid who spends time puttering about along the slum roadside from morning to midnight. On one hand, the filmmaker explores a community’s truths and plights, on the other hand Hiru visits every nook and corner of a brothel as part of his daily routine, keeps celebrating his underprivileged childhood.

Special Context

The sex worker mothers and the youth in Kalighat brothel, Kolkata have designed the film production. They formed a film production house called CAM ON and became the Line Producer of this film. They took part in technician roles in production and post-production part i.e. assisting in writing screenplay and dialogue, makeup and costume, production control, location, casting, acting, and all. Their effort has made the film a social participatory film. Later, their brothel film initiative is being filmed into an international co-production Documentary Cinema ‘Redlight to Limelight’ in 2021.



Writer/ Director



Abhijit Dutta


Partha Barman

Sound Designer

Ranajit Gharai

Art Directors

Pravatendu Mondal

Director of Photography


From red light to limelight

The film-maker Bipuljit Basu collaborates with youngsters from Kalighat to make what he claims is the first participatory film in a red-light area in Kolkata, but more importantly, he provides them an opportunity to reimagine their lives.

What they need is recognition

Tell us something about “Midnight Blues”. Where do you plan to go with the film? How did you come across Cam-On (the group of young amateur film-makers)? What was it like working with these young people from Kalighat?


N-326, B.P Township, Patuli, Kolkata-700094